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Find Marketing Direction

You don’t have to spend more to be more effective. You just need direction.

At Compass Advertising, we help you win market share by concentrating on highly targeted media. We make sure you are sending the right message to your potential customers.

Whether you need guidance with TV, Radio, Print or the Internet, we can show you how to coordinate your message between the various mediums – and over the course of time – to make your advertising more effective.

You don’t have to spend more to be more effective. You just need direction.

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Why it’s better (and easier) to work with Compass:

It costs you little to nothing more than what you are currently spending to utilize Compass Advertising and our resources.

We see your business from the outside — the same place new potential customers are.

We field all the annoying calls from the media for you.

We work WITH you on better, more creative ideas for your advertising.

We know more about all the various media then you can afford to take the time to know.

We help you concentrate and focus on finding the right message and getting it to the right people.



  • Commercial Production
  • Spot Placement


  • Commercial Production
  • Spot Placement


  • Ad Creation
  • Print Ad Placement


  • Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Website Marketing
  • Online Business Listings

Compass partners with Sweet Spot Digital Solutions for our online marketing and website needs

Current Clients

  • Americlean of Iowa
  • Balanced Investment Center
  • Boom Boom Billies Fireworks
  • Clark’s Pharmacy
  • Karma Coffee Cafe
  • Rebath of Eastern Iowa
  • Rush and Nicholson Law Firm
  • Stewart Baxter Funeral and Memorial Services
  • Political campaigns and entities


Don’t just take our word for it!

Mike helps keep us organized. Our business has doubled in size since we’ve been using his services. We feel he gives us great advice and he is a great asset to our team. He uses common sense marketing principles and he has a common sense, down to earth, value-oriented view of our marketing.

Craig and Pam Clark

Clark’s Pharmacy and Gift Shop

Mike worked with my Mom on this account for many years before I took over the marketing part of the business. She was always happy with what he came up with for us, and I feel the same way. It’s good for us to have an outside perspective on our business, but he also works WITH us to come up with new marketing ideas and directions.

Carly Wehmeyer

Americlean of Iowa

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